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Not buying this

In the German gallery world, a press release has the purpose to confuse, to decontextualize, to obscure. A press release that the reader can actually understand is considered meaningless, since most readers of art gallery exhibition press releases are journalists or critics who come to see a show with the intention of writing on it, and things should not be made too easy for them for fear they might be to lazy to develop any thoughts of their own.

Unfortunately, the press release accompanying the installation “Leck” by Berlin based artist trio FORT recently on display at Galerie Crone in Berlin seemed to have been written with the intention to actually inform the reader and help him to access the meaning of the work. This is very unfortunate because Continue reading


Computerize your workout routines!

BLESS N°41, Workout Computer, 2012.

“Mens sana in corpore sano” the Latins used to say, but somehow the notion that a healthy body and an equally healthy mind could actually belong to the same person got lost along the way. For the better part of the 20th Century, it was believed that beautiful people did not possess intellectual properties to match the quality of their looks, and this went especially for girls with blonde hair and guys with muscles. It was either physics or brains.

Today you can get a good college education if you are a good athlete, which seems to imply the assumption that a well-functioning body can come with a brain of the same quality. It is true that people who are both above-average good-looking and above-average smart are still harder to find than people who excel in just one of these disciplines, but they do exist you just have to listen to what supermodels have to say, and at least you don’t have to apologize for having both anymore. Continue reading

abc art berlin contemporary: It’s a setup!

On Saturday afternoon, with five days to go until the start of abc art berlin contemporary 2012, the atmosphere at the venue was magical. Calm, yet dense with anticipation, the vast dimensions of the exhibition halls echoing the sound of drills and hammers, the subdued buzzing of electric motors belonging to fork trucks and lifting platforms mingling with the smell of freshly timbered line-ups in a strange sensation of synaesthesia… If you belong to those who have ever set up a gallery booth at an art fair you know: the best moment about an art fair is that time when it still belongs to those setting it up and no one else. Continue reading

The Art of Drinking: Artist Night at Berlin’s King Size Bar

Anselm Reyle made the first sign announcing the Artist Night special beer rate.

When asked why there was so much alcohol flowing through the art world, a well-known art critic who prefers to remain anonymous answered: “My boozing has been bumming me out, but if I quit drinking there would officially be no more perks to my profession and that’s too depressing a fact to face sober.”

Drinking and art seem to belong together, for many drinking even seems to be a means to endure, but not a means to create art. Here, however, comes a story on how drinking became the initiator of a great series of works: Continue reading