Bielefeld Art City

Photo© Polizei, Bielefeld


Meanwhile, in the quaint town of Bielefeld, a 26-year-old self-proclaimed artist was trying to come to terms with his complicated relationship with his father as well as an artwork of Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto. After an alcohol-infused visit to a local club, the young man decided to make a short cut with his father’s Mercedes through Kunsthalle Bielefeld’s recently restored sculpture park. After a couple of rounds around the park engaging with sculptural works of Henry Moore, Thomas Schütte, and Olafur Eliasson in a circular motion he felt challenged by a newly commissioned work by Sou Fujimoto. Seemingly feeling at unease with its qualities as a work of art he immediately decided to respond by creating a new site-specific work in direct response to Fujimoto’s architectural structure.

However, artistic creativity sometimes just loves to couple with one’s demons. Instead of finding emotional and creative rest, the navigation of the Mercedes into a Philipp Johnson basin seemed to have opened another emotional portal leading him straight to his father and his unhappiness about the current state of their relationship. A final dance on the car’s rooftop created temporary ease before the man left the site and took a contemplative rest in the park.

As of now the Kunsthalle Bielefeld has not commented on whether it would regard the young man’s activities a form of artistic practice or if charges should be pressed against him.


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