Kunst-Werke looking for English copy editor? Please?

Ellen Blumenstein at the “Klau Mich” talk show, dieklaumichshow.org

Very interesting, the English version of that press release sent out by Kunst-Werke Berlin on Monday announcing the appointment of Ellen Blumenstein as the institution’s new chief curator. Interesting not because of the information conveyed which was already known to about 100% of the recipients anyway, but because of what a funny read it was – we don’t mean that in a good way.

Ellen Blumenstein will have a pretty tough time as it is, wouldn’t it be fair to grant her a decently edited press release? We mean, not zat our Englisch is so great eizer, but then Available Works is not a publicly funded institution with an educational mission, right? We know, judging by its reach and impact on the international cultural landscape, you might think Available Works is a heavily funded enterprise but we assure you, no tax money has gone into the creation of this post or anything else produced by us, and so we can continue to publish posts in flawed English without having to feel guilty about not employing the services of a fine translator or copy editor. Ok, gotta go, have to send that list of English language professionals to Kunst-Werke now.


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