The art in art production

Producers of art are not artists, but they make art – to explore this ambivalent notion, Available Works have curated a one night show at the soon to be abandoned studio of the art producers Saygel & Schreiber.

Established in 2005, Saygel and Schreiber is a Berlin based production company primarily working for artist as  producers of art works and projects.  Since then, their office space on Linienstraße has become Berlin’s prime destination for artists seeking materialisation of artistic concepts. Over the past eight years, Saygel and Schreiber have provided their services to artists such as Julieta Aranda, Leonor Antunes, Cosima von Bonin, John Bock, Monica Bonvicini, Angela Bulloch, Björn Dahlem, Carsten Höller and Klaus Weber, to name a few.

To mark the closure of their office space on Linienstraße as well as to announce their new office on Wilhelmstraße, Available Works curate a constellation of materials, side products and ephemera which have amassed during their working years on Linienstraße.


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