Hit that art!

London and New York have Sotheby’s and Christie’s, Berlin has De Joode & Kamutzki, a new auction house that, since it caters more to idealism than ideal art market conditions, has a good chance of surviving more than one season in Berlin. What sets it apart from ordinary auction houses is not just its moderate auction calendar (auctions are planned to be held biannually) and fleeting nature (at changing locations), but also the fact that it has a manifest (“Why We Auction Art”).

First auction to be held Saturday, 19 March, 7pm, at Hackescher Markt 4/entrance Neue Promenade. To register as bidder and preview lots visit dejoodeandkamutzki.com


One response to “Hit that art!

  1. Hello,
    I am interested in your project. I am an artist who has resisted traditional pathways for selling art.

    Please keep me informed on how your project develops.

    How will you choose the artwork? Will it be artwork made only in Berlin?

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