Based in Berlin

“Based in Berlin” is the title of the controversial exhibition project stemming from the debate around the installation of a permanent Kunsthalle for Berlin. We have expressed our concerns already and were not planning to make any further negative comments, but then we received the press release…

The press release contains a sentence which we herewith declare the most promising candidate for the “most ridiculous sentence in a press release of the year” competition (which doesn’t exist yet but we are planning to launch it soon):

“Die Ausstellung wird zeigen, welche Formen der Produktion und Pr√§sentation Berlin braucht.” (The exhibition will reveal what forms of production and presentation [of art] are needed in Berlin)

Great! Finally! Funny, we were under the impression that for decades, public and private institutions and individuals in Berlin have tried to express their needs and show their concerns and make suggestions and fill voids and so on, and that this has generated a pretty clear picture of what’s needed in this city. But obviously, for decades all these people working in art must have done things wrong big time! And we used to believe that art can’t be told when and where to materialise in what form. And now this: it only takes one exhibition (pictured above: the planned main venue, the former atelier houses at Monbijou park) to determine how much art Berlin needs and in what form it should get presented? That’s brilliant! Obviously the Based in Berlin-team has found a panacea that can cure just about anything that’s been ailing the local art scene – including ignorant exhibition makers or authors of press releases, we hope.


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