Jeremy Blake – the mystery continues…

On 17 July, 2007, Jeremy Blake delivered one of the most impressive and most mysterious disappearance performances of all times, when he walked into the ocean, motivated by his woman’s suicide and his failure to cope with a slightly confusing amount of conspiracies involving Scientology and other inexplicable matter. The genre, first introduced by Bas Jan Ader, is not very popular with artists, mostly because a disappearance performance, in order to be valid, prohibits any form of the artist’s re-appearance thereafter, which more often than not results in the end of the artist’s career.

Since Blake’s body was never found, and since no signs of a continued art-making from his side have emerged ever since the day of his assumed death, art historians have come to consider his disappearance performance perfectly valid.

And now this: While googling the artist’s work for reasons too complex to explain right here and right now, we came across a blog, written by none other than Jeremy Blake himself! He’s now a 20 year old web entrepreneur from Utah, and the name of his blog is: Elite Eternity…


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