Press release relief

For an upcoming exhibition at Schinkel Pavillon Berlin, curator April Lamm examines the question, “Is it possible to employ an animal as a readymade?”, and to this aim has selected a number of artist films involving – animals. The exhibition announcement includes an artist list complete with a most concise and efficient synopsis of the selected works. A method we wish more galleries and institutions would apply instead of sending out press releases with an unnerving length/information content ratio. Lamm’s list:

fly / Douglas Gordon
fly / Lucy Powell
spiders / Anri Sala
snail and worm / Ulrike Heise
sea horses / Jean Painlevé
frogs / Henrik Håkansson
octopuses / Jean Painlevé
lizard /John Smith
finches / Carsten Höller
crow and pigeon / Julieta Aranda
chicken / Lucy Powell
sloth / Christoph Keller
pussy / Fischli/Weiss
monkey / Christoph Keller
donkeys / Douglas Gordon
cows / Franz Stauffenberg
horse / Anri Sala
bears / Werner Herzog
buffalo / Massimiliano and Nina Breeder
elephant / Douglas Gordon
rhinoceros / Christoph Keller
lioness / Nina Pohl and Patricia Woerler-Horzon


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