Focus and efficiency

Even if you should not be able to read German, we suggest you purchase a book at the Sach und Fach Buchhandlung in Berlin, if only to witness a most rewarding shopping experience. At this bookshop opened exclusivelely to the end of selling the book “Das Weisse Buch” by Rafael Horzon you will find an impressive product range comprising exactly one item (available in a vast but definite number of copies), namely “Das Weisse Buch” by Rafael Horzon.

Incidentally, the shop for the book was founded by the author himself. But what is most remarkable about this enterprise is its conceptually concise trading concept: 1 store 1 product doesn’t make for a very satisfying shopping experience, you think? The contrary is the case. You will find yourself wandering from shelf to shelf in serene tranquility, knowing that the next shelf will contain the same amount of copies of the same book, a product of the utmost perfection so why should you look for anything else, anywhere else? Forget about your next yoga class, you are here, and here is what you need, and all you need is but this one product. Period.

We wish the day this book will be available in 30 languages would never come, but it will, considering the fact it has been shortlisted for numerous international prizes, among them the most prestigious literature prizes the world may ever have heard of. Once this book will be available in several languages the perfection of the no choice model will be contaminated, so hurry and get your German copy as long as you still don’t have to choose.

Fortunately the author, in his to this point lifelong attempt to avoid the creation of art or being perceived as an artist, with his bookshop has managed to create a market place which is far from being endangered of being misconceived as an art installation and instead in its purity and commercial focus will become a model widely referenced by future shop owners.

Below we see the author in a perfect attempt of balancing his double role as creator and seller of “Das Weisse Buch”.


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