Art prize, anyone?

In Germany alone, 150 art prizes are awarded each year. Which means, 150 artists receive a more or less impressive amount of prize money, and we are sure they will find a useful way to spend it. Apart from that, does an art prize entail any other benefits? Yes. Most art prizes come with very nice award ceremonies and parties and generally make those involved feel good about doing something for the arts. Therefore, art prizes deserve all the support we can possibly give. Herewith we would like to point your attention to an art prize that unfortunately doesn’t come with any prize money, but another feature which can only be considered priceless: entering the compitition means you will automatically receive an award. Ok, so you might have to share this prize with an unknown number of other award winners, but the good thing is, this prize will absolutely have no effect on your career! To find out how to participate in the “Partizipia” art prize organised by the d-52 art space in Duesseldorf, visit

Pictured above: Aleksandra Mir, Triumph (detail), Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt 2009. 


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