Gallery space review #2: Infernoesque

Preface: If you are not familiar with our popular gallery space review series yet (comprising already two reviews, including this one), you may want to read this first before you read the following.

Infernoeque, the artist-run project space located in the gallery cluster on Heidestrasse, announces the leitmotif of its interior design concept quite boldly (and literally – for those who know their German well enough to catch the pun) on its façade already: a string of electric cables conveys a concept which is all about conduct.


Water pipes, electric cables, gas tubes, at Infernoesque you will find an impressive array of whatever is needed to pipe gas, water, electricity or other energies. A subtle colour concept connecting the thickest metal pipes (Red, Green, Blue) counterbalances the fact that here, it’s all about analogue not digital art.


Entanglements of extension cords playfully foiling the straightness of water pipes make sure the concept is not pushed through too strictly but still leaves room for the beholder’s flow of thoughts to outpour freely into the ductwork’s expanse. Valve wheels here and there metaphorically offer to let off steam should the piping get to you.


Rating: Grade A for conceptual consistency, but less would be more. The quantity of pipes alone is such a seducing sight it doesn’t conduce to the art.



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