Rahmenprogramm – Lucy Coggle

Lucy Coggle, whose work shows an interest in exploring the multidimensional depth of things we dismiss as one-dimensional, with this work reveals how much there is to see when there is nothing to see:

How important is it to be informed when visiting a website that there is no image where an image should be? “Awaiting photo” – how much does this information actually reveal? It says nothing about the image itself, only that it is absent. Since we recognize an absent image by it’s being absent, why do we need to be told? And yet, it is precisely the redundancy of this placer which makes it so appealing. Isn’t it funny that something like this exists in a medium that is made for fast and efficient consumption? Besides, informing the user of the potential arrival of visual data is a very polite gesture. And then, “Awaiting photo” might say nothing about an image (about an indefinite number of images actually), but it is an image itself. Coggle pays tribute to this image of no image by placing an “Awaiting photo”-file of poor digital quality on a handmade, analogue texture.

Posted by the entrance of Schinkel Pavillon, an exhibition space for sculpture that can’t be looked inside from the outside, the work plays on the role of the audience. The exhibition might exist without an audience, but it is endowed with an image only when it gets perceived and discussed.


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