Rahmenprogramm – Luca Rosegger

Ornaments often are condensed and at the same time encoded reproductions of nature. They express our need for simplification in a complex world; decorating with ornaments also is a means to avoid our horror vacui, the fear of the void. Personally, we mostly fear that void when we look at our account statements. Interestingly enough, this is also when we come across a most intriguing form of ornamental embellishment: the security grid printed on envelopes containing confidential information to avoid the see-through effect. And even more interestingly, when blown-up as in this work by Luca Rosegger posted in front of the entrance to the Deutsche Bank Collection, this grid’s ornaments appear to look like anything we want them to, a detail on a Greek column, the character of an early computer game, or an element in an Indian rug. As if this grid contained the complete edition of the history of ornamentation. Maybe the idea of bank accounts is much older than we thought…


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