Rahmenprogramm – Voin de Voin

In a condensed way propaganda can be described as a mode of communication aimed at influencing the attitude of a community towards some cause or position. But what happens if its message can be interpreted and understood in any possible way?

Throughout the last month Voin de Voin has been seeding “rouge”. Like a communicative vessel that potentially can carry any message and meaning it oscillates between all encompassing and nothingness. People have been responding to it via pictures messages, phrases and interpretations of all kinds, most of them on the facebook page of the artist.

The anti-rouge campaign with Voins call out for banning the word rouge from the vocabulary of those that have been appropriating and have given meaning to it marks the end of this communicative process.

At the time of the posting it was not exactly clear whether advertising company owner Christan Boros has been infiltrated by rouge or not. but wait, did someone just say: Rouge Bunker?


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