Sugar, administered in daily doses

Hannes Bend, from the “CandY” series, installation for sugarhigh, courtesy Galeries Lafayettes, Berlin 2010.

In a world where even a 13-year old can write a blog that gets international recognition because it is written by a 13-year old, it is such a relief to see people putting some real effort into an online reading experience. sugarhigh is a daily email magazine (bilingual Grman/English) dedicated to contemporary culture in Berlin. Apart from the fact that it is extremely well written and seems to employ some superbly skilled translators, it exudes an air of sophistication and profoundness even when reporting on fleeting phenomena such as project space openings or bar closings.

On the occasion of art forum (and the gazillion of other art events needless to list here), sugarhigh is putting on an art edition, sugarhigh art, which will be published daily during the art fair (6-10 October) and bi-weekly in the off-season (Berlin? Art? What off-season?), and to celebrate its launch, sugarhigh has decorated one of the windows of Galeries Lafayettes, with an installation by artist Hannes Bend comprised of sculpture made entirely of candy – a twisted perspective on the consumption of both art and fashion. If you want your daily solid waft of sugar, find out how to subscribe at



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