Rahmenprogramm – Jan Christensen

In his “Camera Studies”, Jan Christensen groups several photos made on one occasion by several people each equipped with a camera. Most artists have no interest in obscuring their authorship of a work, on the contrary, often enough it is the name attached to a piece that generates its value. But here, the artist, who doesn’t necessarily participate in the image-making himself but contents himself by grouping the participants of such photo sessions, makes it almost impossible to tell who the execution of these photos can be ascribed to. Talking about execution: interestingly enough, a parallel can be drawn between Christensen’s group shoots and executions by firing squads where several gunmen shoot the victim simultaneously to prevent identification of the one who fired the lethal shot. With people penetrating into the remotest corners of this planet, always their mobile phone cameras at the ready, maybe it’s time to feel guilty for each snap shot we make – because it contributes to an image flood that will lead to a sad end: once every image in this world has been taken, it will not be possible to make that one unique photo anymore, will it?

Posted at Contemporary Fine Arts, a gallery sporting a roster of bluechips some of whom seem to spit out works by the hour and drawing a diverse crowd of visitors many of whom are more interested in big names than big art, Christensen’s work seems of particular relevance.


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