Niche, not a niche market!

We know it’s not exactly breaking news to remark on how Berlin is ever changing, and yes, this goes for the art world as well. But the thing is, it’s changing so quickly that not even those sitting in the inner circle can keep up for long. Well, not that they are interested. Berlin’s established art scene has brought forth some pretty stolid dinosaurs that don’t have a clue where the future is happening. Maybe they should book a tour with NICHE BERLIN. This service for art and architecture tours, operated by the three ladies pictured above, offers profound insight into the latest developments in Berlin’s art scene, and that part of the scene that really pushes Berlin forward and helps to build its international reputation as a vibrant and innovative place for art production. Often enough, Niche are the first ones to put a new project space on the map even before longtime art world insiders know about it.

On the occasion of Berlin’s annual art world reunion (art forum, abc, a gazillion of satellite fairs, openings, fairs, parties, openings, and openings), Niche are more alert than ever, offering some extra special tours to abc art berlin contemporary’s priority guests, but even if you’re not an art fair VIP you can be sure to get a service that’s far from catering to a niche market! No wonder that we asked them to be media partners for our next project.


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