Gallery space review #1: KOW

Most people visiting galleries pay attention to the exhibited art only, whereas most people going to restaurants will consider the interior design, lighting, restroom situation, etc, important factors when judging the dining experience as a whole. And why is that? Because there are “restaurant reviews” not “menue reviews”. Got it? There are more than enough exhibition reviews out there. What the world really needs is gallery space reviews! From now on to be found on this site, at regularly irregular intervals. Today: Koch Oberhuber Wolff (KOW), Berlin.

KOW is situated in a much lauded building by architect Arno Brandlhuber. Apparently there either was some lack of communication between architect and future tenant or the gallerists only decided once the building was finished that they could well do without the ceiling between basement and ground floor. Power sockets 3 meters above ground and an elevator that is elevated to a degree which makes it accessible only for those capable of elevation are the result.

Marking and at the same time blurring the line between outside and inside, between street and art, the entrance door covered with posters creates a nice contrast with the grey concrete walls. It must be said that it tends to leave a greater impression than the art on display. Those blessed with a more subtle eye should look out for fuse boxes betraying their presence only through fine rectangular recesses in the wall.

Rating: outstanding. This gallery doesn’t need to house any art to offer an interesting viewing experience.


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