Imaginary Places / Bielefeld

While there seems to be great uncertainty as to whether the city of Bielefeld actually exists, there is little doubt about the Kunsthalle’s presence amongst Germany’s  leading exhibition houses.

Situated in a purpose built venue designed by Philipp Johnson, it has established a reputation for its precise solo presentations and its thoroughly researched themed exhibitions under the reigns of the soon to depart director Thomas Kellein.

As part of its current programme the Kunsthalle showcases a solo presentation of Rirkrit Tiravanija. Known for his achievements in having established food preparation and its consumption as legitimate techniques within the field of contemporary art practice his show presents itself in multiple ways: cook book, open kitchen and a string of new works.

Seeing school kids appropriating the works of Moore, SolLewitt, Eliasson and Schütte in the nearby sculpture park as lunchtime seating makes one think that the relationship between food and art is even more immediate and hands on outside of an art institution.


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