»Petersburg«, April 29, 8   - 12 pm

Showing  the  following  artists  and their  works:

Carla Åhlander, AIDS-3D, Nándor Angstenberger, Marlon de Azambuja, Darcy Bartoletti, Marlous Borm, Giulio Delvé, Etienne Descloux PE-P, Jeremy Everett, Agathe Fleury, France Fiction, Jeanno Gaussi, Isabelle Graeff, Elín Hansdóttir, Sarah Illenberger, Lisa Jugert, Rainer Kamlah, Kinga Kielczynska, John Kleckner, Bo Christian Larsson, Andrea Legiehn, Angela Liosi, Alexander May, Raul de Nieves, Yudi Noor, Despina Stokou, Spencer Sweeney, Maria Taniguchi, Ignacio Uriarte, Voin de Voin, Sinta Werner, Philip Wiegard, Henry Woller, Rommelo Yu, Phillip Zach

Music programme by Charles de Pury, saralunden, Andre Vida


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